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Lindsberg’s Kursgård and hostel is a charming estate (est. 1905) which has played a central role in the Swedish environmental movement since the mid 70’s and served as a hotbed and meeting place for climate activists, artists, musicians and gardeners for over forty years. A stay here is the perfect getaway in beautiful Dalarna. Whether you wish to go walking in nature or by Varpan lake, enjoy the space to work on a creative project or simply relax, Lindsberg is the place to be.


We are a sustainable community and we do our best to minimize waste. When you book a room well in advance, there is a possibility to enquire about vegetarian/vegan breakfast and dinner. If you would like to request some meals, please do not forget to mention about any allergies.  

We are a group of people (Collective) with different skills living at the property, taking care of the place and make the place available to people/groups who play a vital role in today's world. We live in a family environment and run the place  according to 3 guideline words- Solidarity, Self-reliance and Resource Preservation.


The property primarily is meant for meeting, sharing, exchanging of ideas and learning. Therefore, we are not a usual city hostel/hotel. However, we try our best to make our guests feel welcome and make their stay comfortable and we are continuously working on making improvements (renovating the property etc).

We are in the middle of the countryside and it's very quiet and peaceful. If you are looking for a quiet, calm getaway and experience the Swedish countryside, you have come to the right place.

Apart from the attractions mentioned in the description, there are other places to visit such as Bjursås ski centre, Romme Alpin, Carl Larsson Museum. There could sometime be musical events around Falun, ie Bingsjö folk music festival. 

It is possible to book a room directly on +46 730234319 or via the contact form on this page.

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