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Kursgården Lindsberg was founded in 1979 by Miljöförbundet (today Friends of the Earth). Three years later, Kursgården broke free and became a non-profit foundation, which still exists today. From the statutes:

The purpose of the foundation is to manage and develop the Kursgård (retreat and conference center) in a non-profit spirit and there operate and stimulate a broad, practical and theoretical course activity in harmony with the concepts of solidarity, self-confidence and resource conservation/sustainability, and make Kursgården Lindsberg available for other activities in this spirit.

The foundation consists of those living in the house, also called the collective, as well as representatives from Friends of the Earth. The collective and a number of former members also form the group that on a voluntary basis, runs and manages the house in the same spirit as at the start-up now over four decades ago.

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